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The Malvern School is an early childhood education preschool for children 6 weeks thru 8 years of age. They provide an innovative curriculum that focuses on developing the whole child in a nurturing and engaging environment.

The Goal

Sugartown Communications was engaged to work with The Malvern School during a phase of fast paced expansion with the opening of many new locations in an extremely competitive marketplace. The challenge was to build on the success of the school’s local identity while expanding brand awareness into new markets.

The Strategy

Creative | The rebrand began by incorporating photography of the school’s students with a new tagline “ Love of Learning Begins Here,” into all messaging. Copywriting positioned the brand as a privately owned preschool system with a centralized curriculum and unified set of academic and safety standards, which distinguished The Malvern School from their competition.

Media | A strategic and integrated advertising plan delivered new creative for print, digital, radio, and television ads. During expansion additional aggressive marketing included direct mail campaigns, billboards, sky-banners and social media engagement.

Website | Robust SEO and Google AdWords increased traffic to the website. A better website user experience was established by custom programing a streamlined online application process, the addition of “Live Chat “ functionality and an employee portal.

Public Relations | Greater brand awareness was achieved through press release distribution, editorial features in multiple regional magazines and facilitating multiple guest appearances on local broadcast television.

Cause Marketing | Sugartown negotiated a meaningful television phone bank sponsorship between The Malvern School and CBS3 to support the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Day. This served as the beginning of the fundraising support The Malvern School continues to provide the foundation to this day.

The Result

The brand grew strong and gained recognition and trust. Website traffic increased resulting in an increase in applications and enrollment. Core locations grew to capacity with waiting lists. Within eight years the organization expanded from 10 locations to 23 locations in two major markets.

Radio Copywriting


Media Services

  • Media Buying: Print / TV / Radio / Digital / Internet Radio
  • Outdoor Media / Billboards / Sky-banners
  • Guest Television Appearances
  • Media Sponsorships

Creative Services

  • Copywriting / Photography
  • Ad Campaigns: Print / Digital / Radio / TV
  • Direct Mail / Brochures
  • Press Releases / Wikipedia Content

Digital Marketing

  • Digital Display Ads
  • Digital Interstitials
  • A/B Testing /Analytics
  • Social Media

Web Services

  • SEO / Analytics
  • AdWords Pay- Per Click Campaigns
  • Custom Programming
  • Website Maintenance

“While working with Sugartown Communications, Joan was consistently timely and quick to respond to our needs. When our organization wanted to explore new ideas she provided research, analytics and recommendations. Joan was always well prepared for meetings, and would clearly explain complex campaign results, while presenting new advertising approaches and recommendations on what to adjust, stop or continue. She is thorough and provides a multitude of services for the specific needs of each business.”


Diane Morgan

Former Director of Operations | The Malvern School